Tool Storage Plans

Tool Storage Ideas

An critical part of any home wood workshop is of course the amount of storage and design of your storage.workshop-storage-ideas

Been able to put your hand on a particular tool or fixing when needed, without the need to spend 30 minutes searching for it is essential and makes for good practice.

The most important of all your home wood shop storage will be your Tool Storage.

As it not only makes it easy to find them, but it also helps to keep them in good condition and stops them getting knocked about on you.

 Workshop & Tool Storage

In the past, woodworkers used to keep all their tools in large wooden chests, but nowadays its much more convenient & practical for woodworkers to use space saving tool racks and open shelving units. And the beauty is that most of the store racks & shelves can be made quite easily.

A floor standing open shelf unit is most useful for both general storage and tool storage.

floor-standing-workshop-storageThese open storage units can be easily made using 50mm x 50mm (2 inch x 2 inch) planed softwood, joined by 50mm x 25mm (2inch x 1inch) rails either screwed or bolted across the front and back.

You can easily make the shelves from some 18mm (3/4inch) plywood. Try to keep them about 750mm wide or smaller otherwise you’ll need to add a middle supporting upright to ensure the shelves don’t bend with the weight of the tools on them.

As added support you can simply screw some metal strips across the back at diagonals to help brace the frame.

Wall Mounted Tool Storage For Your Workshopwall-mounted-workshop-storage

You can also use some handy wall mounted storage shelves over any counter top or work bench surface where free standing storage would not be suitable.

These can be easily made using 18mm (3/4inch) plywood and fixed to the wall.

I personally like to keep any loose fixtures & fittings I have in clear glass jars so I can easily identify them when needed.