Simple Wood Projects

Easy & Simple Wood Working Projects

Before picking up simple wood projects, it's important to examine or consider the tools required, kinds of materials utilized, particular woodworking techniques employed, and the project's overall complexity and size.

A simple woodworking project would need only a few tools, and not the larger power tools or exotic equipment.

Beginners must usually start working with composite building materials or inexpensive soft woods.

The joinery, cuts, and other similar techniques that are part of such projects must not be extremely complicated and must fit the aspiring woodworker's range of tools and skills.

Medium or small-sized projects are best for any beginner woodworking project.

As an aspiring woodworker, you must buy your own basic tools. The projects chosen must fall within the scope of your skills and available tools.

Saws and drills are the essential tools, and several projects right from bookshelves to birdhouses could be built without power tools, except for an inexpensive drill (screw gun) and cross cut saw or hand held circular saw.

The larger, expensive or hazardous tools are not right for beginning woodworkers.

A wood project that needs extensive panel saw usage or extensive router work is better avoided for future endeavors.

It's important you enjoy and remain comfortable during the whole process - you shouldn't use tools that make you feel unsafe or not in control.


Specific tools, like lathes, need good level of dexterity and experience. Projects requiring these tools must therefore be avoided at this early stage.

A simple wood project must employ materials that are inexpensive and also easy to play with. Soft woods, like pine, are inexpensive and could be used for making several utilitarian items, ranging from workbenches to simple cabinets.

Woods such as walnut or oak are ideal for future projects, as they are expensive and also harder to work with. A botched measurement or cut while making a pine shelf can be an annoyance.

A similar mistake, however, while working with walnut turns out much more expensive.

A beginner's woodworking project techniques must be simple. Extremely simple curves or straight cuts are best.

bench with storage image
Build This Simple Wooden Bench

Elegant furniture pieces meant to be displayed at home should often employ joinery techniques that need some unique hardware and a great amount of coordination and skill for proper execution.

Utilitarian, simple projects such as garage shelving and workbenches usually incorporate simple techniques.

The project's overall complexity and size are essential factors that should be considered when choosing a simple wood project. Medium or small-sized projects sans excessive ornamentation are usually ideal.

The bigger projects need more measurements, and even one or a couple of minor mistakes could sabotage all the hard work.

Smaller projects could need a bit more precision and technical skill and could also require specialized tools or equipment for fine work.

Simple Wood Projects - Examples

Simple wood projects could be built quickly - and are ideal for amateur woodworkers or those teaching these projects to teens or kids.

These tasks are usually creative and relaxing. Quite often, these pieces of woodwork make ideal gifts for your loved ones or the people you know.

• Birdhouse or Bird Feedercompleted bird feeder project

A birdhouse or bird feeder is a nice little project. Typically, the birdhouse design construction can be made even scrap pieces of timber you have laying around your workshop.

If you'd like to have the house built for a particular bird species variety - wood ducks, wrens, robins or martins - you would have to construct specific sizes or kinds of birdhouses.

Online or hobby stores provide birdhouse kits along with tips and instructions, or even better again - Build Your Own Bird Feeder

• Shelf

A shelf is easy and fun to erect. These serve a purpose in a house, office or workshop. The projects could be as simple as a shelf over-the-sink. An example of a small shelf project can be a corner shelf.

The shelf only needs a 24-inch round plywood piece, along with a table saw and power tool.

• Picture Frame

A saw, sander and a hand held router are the tools needed for making a picture frame. Generally carved out of wood types such as hard maple, a picture frame can be made in only a few hours.