Scrap Wood Projects

Building Scrap Wood Projects

It seems that every shop eventually accumulates a collection of spare boards and cut-off ends that are just too good to get rid of.

The problem is that they never seem to go away.

Build This Simple Dolls House

The pile just keeps getting larger and larger until it starts using up so much space that you have to either throw the stuff out or do something with it.

This leads to a new problem---what sort of something should be done with it.

As a general rule, scrap wood projects break down into one of three categories.

Projects For The Kids

The first category is toys. Craftsmen have been turning out wooden play things to delight their children and grandchildren for centuries.

Sanding down a block of wood and putting four wooden wheels on it has always been a popular and simple first effort to make.

Toy wagons to haul stuff around in is a step up from this in difficulty. For more dedicated woodworkers, doll houses ranging from elementary to enormous have long been favorites.

Yard and Garden Projects

completed bird feeder projectA lot of scrap wood projects are aimed at making yard ornaments of one sort or another.

Many people enjoy having birds around the property so it is only natural that products designed to attract and keep birds in the area are very popular items.

Bird houses or Bird Feeders are a perennial favorite among those who dabble in scrap wood projects, as are a variety of bird feeders.

Birds of course are not the only species that likes to dine outdoors, so cute little squirrel feeders that have a little seat for them and a large spike on which an ear of corn is displayed are often constructed.

Yard ornaments can also be of a more general nature. Wishing wells are a great way to use up a lot of that excess lumber.

Fun wood projects for those who have children around might also include something more inter-generational in nature such as building a fort or tree house for them to play in.

Projects For The Home

Finally, there are household items that are more utilitarian in nature, although not entirely so. Just because an item has some use does not mean that it can also serve an ornamental purpose as well.

Storage space is always in short supply, so making some shelves almost always serves a welcome purpose in the

Beautiful cutting boards can be glued together from strips of different colored wood.

Knife blocks or magnetic knife boards to hang on the wall are an easy and practical project to work on.

Everybody is always misplacing keys, so building a key rack is another easy and practical solution to one of life's nagging problems.

In many cases, these fun wood projects can be put together using nothing but common sense and a few nails or screws.

For more elaborate projects, there are many plan books in craft shops or plan sites online to provide some guidance and inspiration to the home hobbyist.

Not only are these projects fun to make but they can also be highly educational when the children are brought into the construction process as well.

Yet the key remains to have fun with what you are doing. Wood working is a relaxing and useful hobby.

bench with storage image
Build This Simple Wooden Bench

Those who are just starting out in it need to remember that practice makes perfect.

If the first bookshelf isn't quite what you imagined it would be, there is always plenty of scrap lumber underneath the workbench to make another one.

Nor should it be forgotten that many people have turned their weekend hobbies into profitable side businesses.

It all starts with a single block of leftover pine.