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What Is Pallet University

Brandon Quillan
Brandon Quillan - Creator Of Pallet University


Pallet University was created by DIY Wood Worker Brandon Quillan.

Pallet University brings you the best of both worlds. You'll learn how to build 10 beautiful pallet projects with step by step, beginner-friendly instructions.

For the DIYer, they are fast and simple to complete - the kinds of things you can get done in a weekend (or even a single afternoon.)

For the business hopeful, you'll learn how to make in-demand furniture and decorative items that people love to buy!

Pallet University
  1. Weekend Projects: Don't worry, every project can be completed in a weekend. No projects that drag on for months and months
  2. Beautiful Results: Create things that you'll be proud to show your friends, display in your home, or sell to a customer
  3. Beginner Friendly: Although people who see the finished product may not believe it - our videos are designed with beginners in mind. No need for special woodworking skills or experience.