How To Make A Bench

The Easy Way To Build A Bench With Storage

Here’s a little project that only took a day to completely finish. From start to finish there is no reason why even the amateur home woodworker couldn’t create this very simple but very useful and practical bench with some add storage space.

bench with storage image

As you can see from the above image, this simple bench plan can have many practical uses both inside and outside the home.

And as always you can choose any material you wish to build this bench and any finish you want i.e painted finish, varnish, stain…


This is a great little beginner home woodwork project that tackles some of the basic techniques you’ll need to master in order to tackle some of the more advanced projects.

TIP: Adding a nice cushion to the top of this bench will further enhance its beauty and comfort of use.

Tools needed to build this bench

One of the best things about this little home diy project is the fact that you don’t need lots of expensive tools to build it.

Ideally a Jig Saw & Drill will do the job just nicely for you. Although if you have access to a Cross Cut Saw then even better.

Bench plan dimensions
As always you can alter the above dimensions to suit your own requirements, but these are the dimensions I used and will be using for this bench plan guide.

Material Required To Build This Bench

2 pieces of 1×12 cut at 29 3/4 inches (used for the shelves)
1 pieces of 1×12 cut at 6 inches (used for the divider)
2 pieces of 1×12 cut at 18 1/4 inches (for the sides)
1 pieces of 1×12 cut at 36 inches (used to create the top of the bench)
2 pieces of 1×3 cut at 36 inches (for the top trim of the bench)

Step 1 – Building the bench divider & shelves

Building the bench divider & shelves

I began by building the bench shelves and divider. As you can see from the above image, I set the shelf divider in by 14 1/2 inches, which is also center of my piece.

Here I used screws & glue to join the pieces together for a secure and strong hold. Always pilot drill the screw hole first to avoid any unwanted breaking of the timber. And ensure its square.

Step 2 – Adding the bench sides

Adding the bench sides

Again joining the side supports to the bench unit itself is very simple. You simply mark out with a pencil your desired position, then countersink, screw & glue them into position.

As you can see from the drawing below, I added a half round cut out to the base of the side for decorative purposes only. This was done using a small paint tin to draw the shape and cut out with a Jig Saw.

bench side view

Step 3 – Fixing the bench top in place

Fixing the bench top in place

When it came to adding the top of the bench to the rest of the frame, I simply let it overhang on either side and used pocket screws to fix it in place. And a little glue of course.

Step 4 - Adding the top trim to the bench

Adding the top trim to the bench

Again you can see that I curved the top trim and cut it the same length as the bench top itself. And keeping it flush with the top I glued and screwed it into position.

The idea behind the bench top trim is to take the sharpness look off of the top and to give it a heavier and chunkier look. It work well I think.

Step 5 – Finishing your bench

Now that your new bench with storage is complete, you can fill any screw holes that you may have shown, sand the piece down and apply whatever finish you desire to your new practical and beautiful home made bench.