Free Workbench Plans

Free Workbench Plan

The woodworkers workbench is at the center of any wood shop. Even those woodworkers who use machinery for much of their work will need a good sturdy workbench, whether its for forming joints, small assembly work or even applying some finishes by hand.

All too often, even in professional shops, the workbench will be barely adequate and in poor condition. A strong workbench that is well designed, will help you both in the speed of your work and the quality of work produced on it.

Workbench Plan: Side Elevation View


Most workbenches these days are make entirely of hardwood, although less costly softwoods can be used for the under frame.

The under frame is normally constructed from two mortise & tenoned end frames joined together with stretcher rails either tenoned to the frame or securely bolted to the legs, which makes transportation much easier.

workbench-cross-section-a1The Workbench Top

Most of the work tops these days are made using a tough, close grain hardwood, such as Beech or Maple.

Although to reduce the cost of making your workbench, you can always use a good quality Plywood, provided its thick enough to withstand the daily duties.

Workbench End View

wood shop work bench side viewThe dimensions I’ve shown above in the workbench plans are suggested for guidance only.

Ideally when your designing your workbench plans, the bench height should be roughly half the height of the intended user, and the length and width may by adapted to suit your individual needs.


 Free Workbench Plan Notes:
  • This workbench plan is not to scale
  • Dashed lines show the position of the tenons in the legs
  • A shelf maybe fitted across the stretcher rails if required for addition storage