Free Plans For Loft Bed

Plans For Loft Bed

Why build a loft bed?


The reason why I decided to build a loft bed for my daughter was the fact that we needed more space. And been honest I thought if I did build the loft bed, she might sleep in her own bed more.

You know the deal, its three o clock in the morning and you get the little shake, and the “Can I sleep in your bed”…. And you spend the rest of the night getting kicked and accidentally hit across the side of the head.

That was another reason, and it worked, for the most part anyways.


How to build a loft bed

Building a loft bed is relatively easy, and is quick & inexpensive.

Timber Cutting List:

4 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 65 ½”
2 pieces of 2×6, cut @ 37 ½”
4 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 37 ½”
4 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 75”
2 pieces of 2×6, cut @ 75”
2 pieces of 2×2, cut @ 75”
2 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 30 ½”
2 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 37 ½”
1 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 41 ½”
2 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 20 ½”
12 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 22”
2 pieces of 2×6, cut @ 43” (both ends cut 45 degrees off square, ends NOT parallel) – to be trimmed down in later steps
6 pieces of 1×2, cut @ 7 ¾” (both ends cut at 45 degrees off square
6 pieces of 2×4, cut @ 20 ½”

Note: Measurements shown fits twin, adjust to your own requirements.

General Build Instructions

1) Always take the necessary safety precautions when building this Loft Bed.
2) Work safely and smartly.
3) Ensure your working on a clean and level surface.
4) Use good quality screws & plugs.
5) Only use straight boards for this build.
6) Always check that your cuts are square.
7) Pre-drill any holes before screwing to avoid splitting the timber.
8) Use glue & finish nails for a stronger hold.

Loft Bed Plan – Step 1

loft bed plan - step 1

I started with the ladder end of the loft bed as in the plan above. Using strong & long screws, glue & screw the ladder frame together for a permanent hold. Alternatively you can mortise & tenon & glue the pieces together.

Loft Bed Plan – Step 2

loft bed plan - step 2

You simply build the front end of the loft bed in the same manner as above.

Loft Bed Plan – Step 3

loft bed plan dimension view

For this step of the construction of the bed I skipped the glue. The reason for this was so I could easily disassemble the loft bed frame if I needed to move it to another room.

In my case the inside width I left for the mattress was 39″. I set the side rails 1 1/4″ in from the outsides. For extra safety you can add some metal brackets under the 2 x 6′s.

Fix the cleat to the inside of the rails using both screws and glue to ensure a solid fix. I added screws approx. every 7″ all the way along the cleat.

For the bed slats, you can use 2 x 6 timbers, cut to length, and screw only fix (making for easy dis-assembly).

Loft Bed Plan – Step 4

loft bed side view

Above is the dimensions I used for building the stair platform for the loft bed. Glue and screw frame together.

Loft Bed Plan – Step 5

attaching staIRS TO LOFT BED IMAGE

When building the stair floor frame, I used screws and glue to attach it.


The next stage is to simply fix the floor to the stair platform.

Loft Bed Plan – Step 6


Building the loft bed stairs for the platform.


When it come to building the stairs fore the loft bed, they are actually very easy to do. As you can see from the image above, all the angles are 45 degrees…

The next stage is to add the stair treads to the frame you just made. I suggest both screws and glue for this stage.

Loft Bed Plan – The Final Stage

free loft bed plan

As you can see, the loft bed is pretty big, so the main work was done outside, and only the final assembly was done in the bedroom!

TIP: We haven’t found our bed needs it, but for extra support, you could add another 2×4 @ 75″ (at $2 a 2×4, very cheap insurance) to the base of the bed to further support the bottoms.

And that’s it your all done. Its now your turn to build your own, and I hope it brings many a good nights sleep for everyone…