Different Types Of Sheds

There are several main types of sheds

One of the next questions you’ll be asking yourself is “What type of shed do I want to build?“. And with so many different types of shed available to you, I guess the first question to really ask is “What will I be using the shed for?".

If the main purpose is just to have somewhere safe and dry to store your garden tools and a few other bits, then there’s no need for a real fancy design or an expensive build either.

However, if you plan and using it more as a hobby shop or an office, then a little more detail will need to be considered in the overall design.

The most common types of shed

The two most common types of shed that people go for these days are the:

  • Apex Shed
  • Pent Shed
  • Barn Shed

The main reason for their popularity with the shed builder, is that they’re fairly simple and straight forward to build, cost effective and are actually nice looking and tidy in design.

Apex shed examples

Apex Style Shed Sample 1
Apex Style Shed Sample

You’ll notice that the Apex Shed‘s roof slopes downwards on both sides from a single high ridge running along the length of the shed.

Cedar_Apex Style Shed Sample 2
Cedar Apex Style Shed Sample

From these examples alone, you can see that there are many variations of shed with a certain type which you can build. The key is to find a good design that fits your requirements, and slightly alter it if you need to.

Pent style shed examples

Pent Style Shed Sample 1
Pent Style Shed Sample

A more simpler design to construct is the traditional Pent Shed. Having only a single slope roof, this design is far easier to construct especially for the home diy shed builder.

Pent Style Shed Sample 2

Barn shed examples

Barn Style Shed Sample 1
Barn Style Shed Sample

A little more complex is the Barn Style shed. This is largely due to the amount of angles required within the roof structure. Although is dose provide for more head room on the inside.

Barn Style Shed Sample 2
Barn Style Shed Sample