Shed Back Wall & Roof Sheeting

Making the shed back wall & sheeting the roof

Materials used for roof sheeting & back wall

2 sheets 1/2″ siding 4×8
4 sheets 1/2″ Plywood 36″ x 8′

Step 1:

shed back wall construction method

You can fit the sheds back wall using the same method as we did for the front wall (with the door).

Simply lift up into position, flush & level with the side walls and base. Then nail into position.

You can leave the top over hanging as in picture, and you can trim it to size after you install the roof sheeting.


Step 2:

shed back wall construction 2

Measure, mark and cut the roof’s plywood sheeting. Lift this into position and nail it into the roof rafters for a strong and sturdy hold.

You can now trim off any of the front or back wall siding sheeting that is sticking up.


Step 3:

finished back shed wall

At this point in the build, you should have a very sturdy solid constructed garden storage shed.