Installing Shed Roof & Finishing Exterior

Finishing the exterior siding & trim work

I highly recommend that your finish the exterior of your new shed as soon as possible. This will protect the timber of the ill effects of the weather.8x8storageshedbarnstorageshed

As I said earlier, I went with a white exterior paint finish on the trim work.

And I chose a medium brown stain for all the siding.

Just make sure that you use good quality exterior paint, varnish or stains on the exterior.

This will protect your shed from the elements and help give it a long lasting life.

Installing the roof shingles to your shed

Install your first row of shingles upside down so that the tabs are pointing upwards. Cut the first one using a straight edge and a sharp knife to about 6 inches.

And also let the bottom over hang the drip edge (if you installed one) by about 3/8″ and fix the shingle using roofing nails.

Use full shingles for the remainder of the first row. And again trim the last one so that it over laps the edge by about 3/8″.shed roof shingles

Continue working your way upwards in a brick style fashion, as in picture.

I also like to add some construction adhesive under the first layer to stop it folding or flipping up in the wing.

Lastly simply add the ridge cap shingles to finish out the top neatly.