Framing The Shed Roof

How to frame the shed roof

A lot of people I talk too, seem to think that you need to hire a professional roofer in order to complete the roof framing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The framing of the roof once you get the hang of it is actually not to bad.

Material I used for the roof frame
20 pieces of 2×4 @ 36″ – ‘These are the Rafters. Cut a 22 1/2 deg angle at  each end
24 x Gusset’s

Building the roof frame structure

Step 1:

pre-cutrafters-storage shed

Mark and cut each of your roof rafters, and using your electric chop saw, set it at 22 1/2 degree’s and cut this angle at each end of all your timbers.

Lay them out flat on the floor, using 4 pieces for each rafter section.


Step 2:

assemble rafters storage shed

Using the gusset’s and some glue, nail the pieces together as shown in picture.

Use your first section as a template to ensure they are all the same size.


Step 3:

install rafters storage shed

Starting at each end, nail and glue the rafter sections into the top plate of the sheds side walls.

Ensuring an equal distance between each rafter section for maximum strength.