Building Your Shed Side Walls

How to construct the shed side walls

The next step in the shed building process is to build the side walls and fix them in position onto your shed base.

Tip: Use your previously constructed shed base, as a working platform for this step. Its large enough, its level and its flat. This is a perfect surface for working and framing the side walls.

Material used for the shed sidewalls:
4 pieces of 2×4 @ 8′ (foot)
10 pieces of 2×4 @ 43″ (inches)
1/2″ siding

Framing the side walls

Step 1:

shed wall framing

Measure & Cut the 2×4 lengths of timber needed to complete both side walls of your shed. In my case:

4 lengths of 2×4 to 8′ (foot)

10 lengths of 2×4 to 43″ (inches)

Step 2:

side wall frame-storageshed

Using your base as a work bench, layout your top plate, bottom plate and studs.

Nail your studs at equal intervals, in my case I went 24″ on centers.

Again, ensure its all square…

Step 3:

side wall cladding img

Cut and nail you siding onto your side wall frame while you have it laying down flat.

I like to secret nail the siding on my frame, as this way there’s no nail marks / holes shown on the front of the finished siding. Less to fill later ;)


Step 4:

side wall storage shed

When fix your siding to the side wall frame, keep it flush at the top.

However, allow it to overhang the bottom plate by 2 inches.


Step 5:

raise side wall storage shed

Once you have everything nailed, raise the side wall into position, and allow the overhanging siding to hang over the shed base. Push in tight, and fix down to the shed base through the side wall plate.

Repeat this for the opposite side wall too.

That’s the two side walls of the shed complete, in position and fixed.

Tip: As you can see from the photo, I added some temporary timber braces, just to hold the side walls of the shed level and plum.