Building Your Shed Foundation & Base

Skid foundation

Due to the fact, that this shed was to be built on a fairly level ground, I decided to go with concrete piers and timber skids, more commonly known as a skid foundation.

Building the shed base

Step 1:

measuring floor joists img

Firstly I measured out and marked my floor joists & outside bands.

Floor joists – 7 pieces of 2×4 to 93″

Bands – 2 pieces of 2×4 to 8′

Step 2:

cutting the floor joists image

Now that I had my timbers marked, I carefully used my chop saw to cut them.

Ensuring to always cut on the waste side of my marked pencil line, and accurately too.

Step 3:

constructing floor joists

Next lay out your cut pieces of 2×4, roughly in their nailing position. And when your ready, start nailing the base frame together.

In my case I nailed them 16″ on center, which left an equal space between each joists.

Step 4:


Position your foundation skids so that your new shed base sits approximately 16″ (inches) over them.

When your happy with your position, toenail the base frame to the 4×4 skids.

Step 5:

how to level shed base

Using your long spirit level, ensure that your new shed base is level.

Cut some packing slips from an off cut of pressure treated timber, and use them to pack up the base frame until its all level.

Step 6:

check base for squareAlso make sure that your new shed base is nice and square as you go. To do this you simply measure the cross angles of your frame as in picture.

Then check the opposite sides and tap frame with your hammer until this two measurements are equal. This tells you that your frame is completely square.

Step 7:

laying plywood flooring on base

Now that your shed base frame is level and square, simply lay down your plywood sheeting and either nail or screw it in place.

Make sure to keep an eye on the squareness of the base frame as this is important. And as you nail your plywood sheeting to it, it will hold the frame tight and square.

Step 8:

shed base completeAnd that’s your completed shed base done.