Building The Shed Door & Front Wall

How to build the sheds front wall & the door

So where are we at now in our new storage shed build:install rafters storage shed

In the next step of the shed building process, we will focus on constructing the sheds front wall, and also we will build the door…

Materials I used for building the shed front wall & door
2 pieces of 2×4 cut @ 74″- Shed door jambs
4 pieces of 2×4 cut @ 74″- Shed door uprights
4 pieces of 2×4 cut @ 16 3/4″- Door stiles
2 pieces of 2×6 cut @ 16 3/4″- Door base
16 pieces for the Corner Blocks
2 Pair of 4″ Butt Hinges

1 piece of 2×4 cut @ 57″- Lintel
1 piece of 2×4 cut @ 48″- Header
1 – 4″ Hasp

How to build the shed door

Step 1:

building the shed door img 1

Layout all the door pieces on a flat work surface.

Do a dry fit to ensure you have all the pieces, and that they are a good fit.


Step 2:

shed door construction

Next fix the door base and stiles to the shed door uprights.

Later when we fix the siding, the siding will completely strengthen the door itself.


Step 3:

shed door construction 2

Screw your 4 inch butt hinges to your door & also to your door jamb.

Tip: Use a pair of clamps to hold everything in position while you fix them.


Step 4:

cladding shed door 1

Close the door & jamb, so the they are laying flat. Lay a sheet of your siding face down onto the door frame. Keep the siding flush with the bottom of the door and the side of the door. Make sure the door is square.

Nail through the siding into the door frame and the door jamb.


Step 5:

cladding the shed door 2

There will be a left & right door, so when assembling remember there is male and a female edge on the siding. You must have the female siding flush. On the male siding the lip will stick out past the door frame.

When the doors are closed the female edge will close over the male lip.


Step 6:

shed door sheeting

Flip everything over & mark a line between the door frame & the door jamb. Also mark the top of the door frame.

Using a skill saw, cut along this line, leaving a few inches uncut here and there, to stop the door swinging open & to ensure it stays all square.


Step 7:


Fix a temporary baton to the bottom so you can rest the siding on while you fix it in place.

Ensuring the shed side wall & siding are flush and level, nail them together. Also nail the siding to the to the base frame & the roof rafters.

Repeat this process for both the opposite side also. From the inside, measure, cut and fix some 2×4 timbers on both sides of the door, notching around the rafters where needed.

Using your sharp handsaw, finish the cuts that we left in the siding between the door frame and the jambs.


Step 8:

front wall storage shed contruction

Next install a header plate on the inside and allow it to hang down about 1/2″ from the top of the door, as this will be our door stop.

Next nail or screw through the shed door jambs into the 2×4 studs that we added on the inside.

Remove the temporary baton we added earlier at the bottom, and door new shed door should swing nice and freely…

completed shed door and front wall image