Adding Your Shed Trim

Installing the shed trim

Nothing brings the exterior of your shed to life more than adding the trim. And it a nice feeling when you can start to see the finished product coming together.

Material used for the trim
4 pieces 2×6 – 22 1/2 deg angle cut at each end
4 pieces 1×6 – 22 1/2 deg angle cut at each end
8 pieces – 1×4 cut @ 42″
2 pieces – 1×6 cut @ 8′

Adding the trim finish to your new shed

Step 1:

front shed trim

Start by nailing the front trim to the front of the shed. 2×6 with 22 1/2 degree angle at ends.

Step 2:

adding trim finish to shed front

Install 1×6 on the sides of the shed. On the bottom of 2×6 and 1×6 meet, cut missing piece to length. Add the 1×4 @42″ on all corners. Install the lintel over the door.

Step 3:

adding trim to shed rear wall

Add a 1×6 @ 36 inches to the back wall of the shed in the same manner as you did on the  front end.

Cover the plywood roofing sheeting with a good quality roofing felt. I also added a drip edge.


Step 4:

trim to shed door image

Paint all your trim work to really bring it to life.

I choose white, but you can obviously choose whatever color you wish.