Birder Feeder Plan For Kids

Simple Kids Bird Feeder Plan

completed bird feeder project

With Spring only around the corner, here’s a nice little bird feeder plan that will keep the kids busy for a little while.

This is a very project that can be made from bits of scrap or off cut material that you have laying around the workshop!

What I liked about this bird feeder plan was the fact that using a couple of little suction cup, you can stick it to the outside of the window safely and have the kids watching the birds feed from the inside.


Bird Feeder Plan Dimensions

Here’s the cutting listing for the above size

1 piece of 1×8 cut at 14″ (main piece of bird feeder)
1 piece of 1×8 cut at 2 1/2″ (used for the tray bottom)
2 piece of 1×3 cut at 7″ (top end cut at 45 degrees as above – roof)
2 piece of 1×2 cut at 3 1/4″ (for the feeder tray sides)
1 piece of 1×2 cut at 8 3/4″ (for the feeder tray front)

Step 1 – The main frame for the bird feeder

bird feeder plan dimensions

Of course you don’t have to use the exact dimension above, but you can use them as a guide.

Using a jigsaw (and safety goggles! ) cut the center piece out as shown above. Use a compose to get a nice even curve when drawing out the pattern.

Step 2 – Fixing the bird feeder tray bottom

bird feeder tray plan view 2

When fixing the bottom tray to the main frame, you can simply glue and add some finishing nails. Or for a much stronger fix, you can screw it into position from the back.

Don’t forget to pre-drill hole before adding any screws, as this will prevent the timber from splitting.

 Step 3 – Adding the roof

adding the roof

When it comes to adding the roof to the kids bird feeder, you may find it easier to glue up and nail the actual roofing pieces first before fixing them into place on the frame.

This means that you can ensure that you have a nice clean angle joint, let the glue dry. And then fix to frame and sand smooth. Works a treat…

Step 4 – The feeder tray sides

Bird Feeder Plan View 4

When adding the sides to the tray, use some glue, finish nails and ensure you fix it to both the feeder tray bottom and the main frame.

This ensures you get the maximum hold.

Step 5 – Attaching the feeder tray front

bird feeder plan view 3

Again when fixing the front to the bird feeder tray, use glue and finishing nails for a strong hold. After all you don’t won’t any little birdies falling off!

Depending on the suction cups that you use, this little step will be slightly different. In my case I simply had to drill a small hole, adding a dab of wood glue and pushed into place.

A good sand and a coat of finishing oil and Job Done!