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I decided to create this little website to try and help out anyone who is interested in Wood Working, Wood Working Projects, Wood Working Guides, DIY Shed Building or is looking for top quality, easy to follow woodworking plans and projects.

meAs I know how hard it is to find good quality woodworking information, plans & guides, and I know because I spent a long time searching both online and offline and quite a bit of money on rubbish plans & impossible to follow guides.

My advice to anyone thinking of taking up home wood working, is too: Just go for it…

The satisfaction of creating something, and creating something to be proud of is an amazing feeling.

And using easy to follow plans & guides, I did have something to show off to my friends and family.

You can even start making a bit of extra cash from it too.

Hope you enjoy, and wishing you every success with your own diy woodworking projects.

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