How To Build A Dolls House

Free Dolls House Building Plan

I finally got around to building my daughter a dolls house for all her barbie dolls and furniture.

Its a small project which I had put on the long finger for quite a while now, but been that Christmas is coming up, I decided to just get it done for her.

Using a doll house plan I came across this is what I ended up with…


Here’s a closer look at the inside of the house. For the wallpaper I used simply used some pieces of paper from an old scrap book. I found it a handy way to dress up the inside of the dolls house.


The furniture used was on loan from an older dolls house we had, but I’ll eventually get around to creating some new pieces of furniture for this house.


Building the stairs for this was a little tedious to be honest, but it definitely adds to the WoW factor of the overall effect of this design.

Simply cut around 20 pieces of 2 x 1 to the width of your stairs and pin & glue them together. Then paint to your chosen color.


So here’s how to build the complete dolls house from start to finish…

Material List For Dolls House:

1 sheet of 3/4″ Plywood
7 pieces of 2×2 at 8 feet long (used for rails & structure)
1/4″ plywood scraps for making the roof of the doll house
2 pieces of 1×2 @ 8 feet long for stairs
I used 4 x 2″ caster wheels to make it easier to move around


Here’s the cutting list I used:

7 pieces of 2×2 cut at 32″
6 pieces of 2×2 cut at 24″
4 pieces of 2×2 with both ends cut at 30 degrees (see roof detail below)
4 pieces of 2×2 cut at 37 5/8″ (One end cut at 30 degrees off square, long point  measurement)
I cut the Plywood as in diagram below

If you rip your plywood sheet down into a 24 inch & 13 1/2 inch rip, then you’ll find that all you will have to do then is cross cut the remaining cuts.

If you don’t have the tools to rip a full sheet of plywood down, then simply get your timber supplier to do this for you.

They may charge a little extra for this, but it dose mean that all you will need to do the remaining cuts at home is a cross cut saw 😉

To Build The Sides Of The Dolls House...

dolls house side view plan

You can build the two ends (gable walls) of the dolls house using my measurements above or of course you can adapt to your own desired needs, i.e add a floor or even loose a floor…

When constructing the frame of the house I simply countersunk, glued & screwed the pieces together for strength and quickness.

Now of course you can use more traditional joinery such as Mortise & Tenon joints if you wish (or have the time…)

Now remember to build two of these side frames and ensure they match each other exactly.

Joining The Two Sides Of The Dolls House Together...

joining the 2 sides together image

Joining the two side frames (gables) of the dolls house together couldn’t be more easy. Simply use the 2×2 inch timbers that we cut earlier and screw & glue them into place.

One thing to watch here is to ensure that you keep the top 2×2 piece exactly 13 1/2 inches above the top floor.

The reason for this is to ensure that the plywood we ripped down earlier fits in snugly.

Adding The Floor To The Frame...

adding the floor to the frame

I simply used pocket holes, screws & glue to fix the plywood floor into place.

Of course if you don’t have access to a pocket hole jig, you can always screw fix through the sides, although this will leave you with more filling or plugging later on.

Using some scrap 2×1 I had left over, I cut and glued some corner supports on the underside of the plywood floor to the frame. Just for a little extra support & strength.

Add Some Interior Walls To Your Design For Strength...

interior walls image

Adding the interior walls is very simple. Simply pin & glue your pieces together, and glue into position.

Adding The Second Floor...

adding second floor

Using a jig saw or even a sharp hand saw, carefully cut out the stair opening as shown in the diagram above.

Simply fix the second floor base in place in the same manner as the ground floor. And do the same for the top floor (below).

adding third floor to dolls house image

Don’t forget to fix in the second floor wall (as below)…

internal wall plan

And lastly the top floor..

top floor walls image

Adding the stairs to the dolls house...

adding stairs to the dolls house

As I mentioned earlier on, I made the stairs using 2×1 pieces cut and glued together. Just make sure to use plenty of glue when constructing and fixing the stairs into place.


The roof of this dolls house plan was made by simply cutting strips of 1/4 inch plywood and adding a scalloped shape edge to them.

Then simply glue & fix them into position – and don’t forget to overlap them for a better and more realistic look.

You can use some colorful scrapbook paper for the wallpaper of the dolls house and a splash of pink (in this case) will always look good…